Sydney Banks' Quotes

Within the soul of all human beings, there lies an innate spiritual knowledge that has the power to repair mental disturbances … not through analyzing their thoughts, but by seeing the power of thought itself. ~ Sydney Banks

Throughout time, human beings
have experienced insights that
spontaneously and completely
changed their behaviour and their
lives, bringing them happiness
they previously had thought
Finding wisdom has nothing
to do with time.
Achieving mental stability is a
matter of finding healthy thoughts
from moment to moment. Such
thoughts can be light years or a
second away.
Sydney Banks, The Missing Link, 2016.
Followers fail. They readily adopt
another’s beliefs and cease
to think for themselves.
Never follow the words of others
blindly, or you will take on
another person’s reality. You will
only hinder your progress by
seeking fool’s gold.
Use your own common sense.
Sydney Banks, The Missing Link (2016)

If your thoughts wander onto a
negative and rocky path, don’t
take them too seriously.

Refrain from analyzing, because,
I guarantee you, you will analyze
yourself forever, never reaching
an end, and fail bitterly to find
peace of mind.

What happened in the past may
have influenced our present-day
personal or social problems, but
please believe me, there is no
answer to these problems in the
past. Only in the now can the
answer be found.

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link, (2016)

Love and understanding
harmonize the mind of humanity
to its true inner nature.
What you give in life is what you receive.
To give love is to receive love.
A mind full of love and good
feelings can never go wrong.
Love and forgiveness go hand-
in-hand. Without them, life is
encumbered by ill feelings and
Sydney Banks, The Missing Link, 2016.

When our minds are in unity
with that which is good, then our
thoughts no longer hold us
prisoner to that which is evil.

When you start to see the power
of Thought and its relationship to
your way of observing life, you
will better understand yourself
and the world in which you live.

To find that which you seek,
discard all thought that there is
a separation between the spiritual and the physical world.

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link, 2016.

Mind, Conscousness and Thought
are spiritual gifts that enable us
to see creation and guide us
through life.

All these are universal constants
that can never change and never
be separated.

All philosophies are born via
these three gifts and are a direct
result of the correct or incorrect
usage of these same principles.

All psychological functions are born
from these three principles.

All human behaviour
and social structures on earth are
formed via Mind, Consciousness
and Thought.

In chemistry two or more
elements create compounds. It is
the same with psychological
elements… Mind, Consciousness
and Thought. These three
elements create psychological
compounds that are our own
personal psychological realities.

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link, 2016.

Words are merely a form. Listen
not to words, but to that which
words attempt to convey.

Remember… it is not the clay
that represents the sculpture, but the
form the artist has molded it into.

Just like the clay of the sculpture,
thought is not reality. However,
our personal realities are molded
via our thoughts.

Sydney Banks, The missing Link, 2016.

At the moment of birth, the
virgin mind discovers creation,
and the duality of life is born.
Henceforth you live in a world
governed by thought.
When clarity and purity of
thought are present, the answer
you seek will present itself, for
what you seek is with you and
has been with you always.

In the silence of the mind lies
creative incubation, bringing the
wisdom and the joy we all seek.
Sydney Banks, The Missing Link, 2016.

Your thoughts and feelings are a
mirror of your soul.

Each living soul experiences life
as an individual. This is why all
humans live and see a separate

The divine truth that lies within
each living soul never changes. It
is eternal.

The divine passes from the
formless to form, and as human
beings we are both spectators and
participants in this spiritual
theatre called life.

Sydney Banks, The missing Link, 2016